Breast Augmentation Recovery ~ a revolution started in Dallas, Texas

Published: 07th December 2011
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Breast augmentation recovery times and experiences have always been all over the map!  The horror stories you can hear are just endless - stay in the hospital, two weeks down at home, 8 weeks no exercise, don't move your arms, don't shower (YUCK!!), no driving, keep your arms at your side for weeks, don't lift anything, home with wonderfully attractive surgical bras, bandages, straps, drains, pain meds or better yet, my favorite, pain PUMPS, never mind the fact that you look like a train wreck from neck to waist for weeks - don't touch the kids, and husband, certainly YOU don't touch for months!!  This was (and is still currently the norm) for over 30 years and yet, women would keep going back and continue to want and have breast implants - even after all that?  I think it's like having babies, hurts like hell, but you still love your kid in the end, right?  Women are tough, but for the last 10 years, you didn't have to be - there is a better way!!   A better way to recover from breast augmentation surgery was developed and is still delivered in Dallas, Texas.  You don't have to go through the barbaric surgical recovery to do something nice for yourself - something you can't do any other way - breast augmentation recovery can happen in just 24 hours!

John B. Tebbetts, M.D. first published how to achieve a 24 Hour Recovery® for patients in  2001 - it was a two part series that fully explained the new methods developed in Dallas, Texas - right here in our very own surgical facility.  Tebbetts pioneered time and motion studies in the operating room which lead to better surgical techniques and PACU protocols that allow us to predictably return our patients to FULL, normal activity 96% of the time  - improving breast augmentation recovery experiences for patients.

Dr. Tebbetts has also traveled all over the country and internationally to teach his recovery advances to other surgeons.  Likewise, surgeons travel to Dallas to watch him operate and learn the advances in breast augmentation recovery that we have employed for our patients.  Tebbetts has even personally trained and mentored a couple of plastic surgeons that actually implement our breast augmentation recovery techniques into their practices today - but they learned it all here, in Dallas!

Texas is known for all things bigger and better - breast augmentation recovery in Dallas is no different!  24 Hour Recovery® allows us to send our patients home with none of the postoperative adjuncts mentioned above - no bras, bandages, drains or pain meds.  Our patients leave the surgery center and take a 2 hour nap, then they eat, take their Advil, and start moving their arms above their heads in a jumping jack type motion.  They shower that same day and wash their hair, dry it and get ready to go out.  We encourage our patients to go shopping or out to dinner or take care of their babies and family as they normally would  - the day of surgery.  Returning to normal activity and movement is critical to the success a better breast augmentation recovery - but the surgeon has to do a better operation to enable this recovery to happen.

Make no mistake - there is no close second or substitute for a true 24 Hour Recovery®.  24 Hour Recovery® is so distinctive that the United States Office of Patents and Trademarks granted the proceedure and Dr. Tebbetts a registered trademark in 2008.

24 Hour Recovery® is revolutionary - setting new standards in breast augmentation recovery in the world of plastic surgery with patients experiencing unbelievable improvements in their recovery short term and long term as well.  In the years that we have been able to follow patients with 24 Hour Recovery® following breast augmentation, a lower risk of capsular contracture (or scar tissue development around the implant - second largest reason for reoperation behind size exchange which keeps its number one position) is perhaps the greatest clinical advance in breast augmentation recovery.  With a published rate of 1.5% risk of capsular contracture, we know that the proven processes of 24 Hour Recovery® not only make the immediate breast augmentation recovery experience better, but ultimately reduces long term risk of reoperation due to capsular contracture.

What started in Dallas a decade ago proves to be like a fine wine - 24 Hour Recovery® just keeps getting better with time.  To read first hand accounts of a better breast augmentation Dallas recovery visit our Recovery Experiences section on The Best Breast 2 website

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